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Petition: Allow Indian Ocean in Bradwell to continue trading.

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Lead petitioner Gemma Louise scott
Petition target Maldon District Council
Start date Mon, 12 Mar 18
Closing date Sun, 18 Mar 18
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  • Angela O'Connor
  • Mark Yates
  • Christine Gould
  • Denise Fell
  • Deborah Heapy
  • Ann Neall
  • Steve Harmsworth
  • Katie Janny
  • Ian Parrott
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We request that the Indian Ocean in Bradwell on Sea be allowed to continue trading.

Background information

The Indian Ocean is one of very few restaurants serving the Bradwell on Sea area, and its food and service is of an exceptional quality that is not found very often.

Add to that the fact that it serves and area of the district, with loyalty, that often gets overlooked, to force this place to close would be a huge detriment to the local population, and does not show the kind of support that local businesses should be getting

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